4:50pm 09-17-2020
I know you!
1:03am 06-28-2020
Kanye East
10:42pm 05-06-2020
Replied on: 12:12pm 05-07-2020

Wasn't interested until I saw Ricardo.

10:40pm 05-06-2020
Skunk Soryu
Half your art is stolen or ill conceived :cringe: I thought most of the ss attention whores had fucked off already, its unfortunate to see that you people are still out there and dying for your dutch prophet to come back to you.
Replied on: 12:21pm 05-07-2020

Yeah, on the wallpapers page, I say that it's "ostly just edits of pre-existing images. Nothing is 100% original." I should probably credit the "assets" that I used to make each image.
When it comes to SS, I honestly doubt that SS members won't fuck off until Initiate shuts the fuck up about them. Honestly, I'm sick of the back-and-forth between both groups, and wish that there was some sort of resolution to be made.
Anyway, I really don't expect Tsuki to come back. I'm just trying to enjoy my time with the few community members that are left.

3:17pm 05-04-2020
dont mind me, just browsing
7:40pm 03-08-2020
I must say, your writing is some of the better ones that I've seen recently and also your art design is a marvel. My words will seem hollow to you, but keep up your craft! Are you still considering writing CusServ?
Replied on: 8:11am 03-09-2020

CusServ is still a work in progress, yeah, but I haven't really been working on it. I don't know if I really enjoy writing, even though I've been doing it for so long.
Maybe I just feel demotivated or something like that, I dunno. I don't feel like doing anything at all.

1:00pm 03-08-2020
Carson Carville
do not make fun of ugandan knuckles
5:29pm 02-28-2020
Carson Carville
do you know da wae?
Replied on: 8:59pm 02-29-2020

No, I lost it back in January 2018. This meme was dead on arrival.

9:11am 02-25-2020
Nazashi's Dad
Thank you for the shrine. It is good to know that so many people from all over cared about him and loved him. I miss him so much and I am so proud to have called him my son.
Replied on: 7:51pm 02-26-2020

It's very good to know that you've seen and are thankful for his shrine. Really, the thanks ought to go to you and Nazashi's mother. You two are, after all, the ones who brought such a great person to this world.
I hope you all cope well, and learn to accept things as they are. Acceptance isn't easy, nor is it something anyone looks forward to, but it is, ultimately, the best thing to have.

2:35pm 02-24-2020
Do you make music?
Replied on: 8:04am 02-25-2020

No, but I see that you do. :3
What kind of music do you do? If I'm interested, I might be able to do a music video for you or something.

2:33pm 02-24-2020
Jared Back
sup bro beans
12:41pm 02-24-2020
@May - Yes, I do have a Discord account. It's GEN☹SAD#5257
@A Lost Migrant - Yes, Systemspace still exists, but the community has mostly scattered. Like I said in my blog, I requested for a systemspace board on 8kun, but it still hasn't been approved. I am in contact with some migrants on Discord. If you'd like to get in touch with them, my Discord tag is just above.
11:19am 02-24-2020
A Lost Migrant
Is Systemspace still around? I remembered it a day or so ago and I was wondering what happened to the community.
9:54am 02-24-2020
Jordan Mccoy
hey zaddy
6:52pm 02-19-2020
Do you have a discord tag or server?
Replied on: 12:53pm 02-24-2020

As for a server, I only allow access to super comfy people.

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